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We scale the pride of belonging

Recent global social events have put the retention of valuable talent in companies in check. A misalignment of personal versus company values is occurring, creating an important GAP.

We want to listen to these challenges through conversations with the management and HR departments to propose action plans and concrete dashboards that recover the love of the first day and the pride of belonging of the employees.

To achieve this, we have various programs that integrate solutions, ideation and implementation of concrete actions that also link these values with greater awareness and reactivation of the natural essence inherent to people and business ecosystems.

We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in generating impact through: listening, consulting, communication and the environment.

With direct impact on the well-being of the employee and the SDG 2030

Our basic service to achieve these goals:

  • Manufacture smiles, trust, bonds and happiness instantly. 

  • Zoom in knowledge about ecosystems, microsystems, fauna and flora.

  • Integrate what was learned in a way simple, entertaining, understandable and fun.

  • Practice the game by teams, regardless of physical condition.

  • Bring "truth" to sustainability with the collection of non-organic waste on a voluntary basis.


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