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Ignacio G.

Founder of the School of Natural Activities

Passionate about nature since he was born. He has spent 15 years combining his work in various multinationals with nature in his spare time.

Since 2020 he has committed 100% of his time and energy to nature.

He has taken courses on mycology, flora and fauna in England, Ireland, Spain, India and South Africa.

Nature guide and environmental interpretation by EIMA

Andrea G.

Co-Founder of the School of Natural Activities

For 8 years he has been accompanying Ignacio in courses and adventures on the ground in all that is fauna, flora and interrelation with the environment.

With special interest in cosmetics and personal care taking advantage of natural resources.

A fervent cook, she experiments with resources and her specialty is desserts with noteworthy finishes!

Adrian DLC.

Survival Specialist and Collaborator

Adrián De la Cruz is a nature survival instructor.

In recent years he has been focusing on teaching techniques for those who want to enjoy wild places with greater safety and even live adventures of several days traveling through isolated places.

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